Mansfield Police Department

Driver Arrested for Eluding After Low-Speed Pursuit – 9/22/13

On Sunday, September 22nd at 11:15 a.m., an officer was attempting to stop a vehicle for a speeding violation on Columbus Road when the driver ignored the patrol car’s emergency lights and siren and continued to I-295 North. The driver continued driving her vehicle north on the highway with police pursuing her. She did not exceed the speed limit during the pursuit, yet ignored police and continued driving to her West Windsor home on Wilder Avenue. After she parked the vehicle in her driveway, police made contact with the driver, identified as Sally Comerford, 63 years old, and took her into custody for eluding.

Comerford was transported to police headquarters for processing. Her decision to ignore the officers’ signals to stop resulted in criminal charges for eluding and obstruction. She was also charged with motor vehicle offenses, including the initial speeding violation. Comerford was able to post bail to secure her release pending court.