Mansfield Police Department

Officers Assist Man In Need – 12/27/14

The negative sentiment toward police is currently so pervasive in our society, it seemed important to take this opportunity to highlight one recent example of the good works our officers quietly do that most people would never hear about.

On December 27th at 1:54 a.m., Patrolman White of the Mansfield Township Police Department came upon a transient male walking along the shoulder of Route 68. After speaking with the man, it was determined that he was unemployed, homeless, and in need of shelter from the cold temperatures that night. The man told police he was trying to make his way to Philadelphia, where he felt he had a better chance of finding safe shelter while he continued his search for a job.

In effort to obtain shelter for the man, Patrolman White and Sergeant Mueller spent several hours speaking to the social service hotline, various shelters and charitable organizations, but were unable to find a shelter willing to take in the man, due to his transient status and because he was not a New Jersey resident. The officers, unable to find assistance for the man, made arrangements with the owner of the Pine Motel, Margaret Wang, and the officers paid for a room for the man to stay at the motel overnight. Additionally, they purchased a Riverline train ticket to transport him to Camden and then onto Philadelphia. The officers also gave the man a Wawa card for food purchases. The officers are extremely grateful to Mrs. Wang for her willingness to work with them and  provide the room at a discounted rate.

These officers are commended for their actions going beyond any requirement or expectation to intervene in this situation. I am proud of the men and women that wear the uniform and wanted to share one of the untold positive stories that generally never see the light of day.

– Chief Ronald Mulhall