Mansfield Police Department

Parking Restrictions During Snow Storms – 1/17/14

All residents are asked to review the following excerpt from the Township Code regarding parking on Township roads during snow storms. In the wake of the last storm, is was noted that the failure to adhere to these rules impeded plowing activities. In the future, the plow contractor will be reporting problem areas and police will be ticketing offenders. Your cooperation is requested to avoid the need for enforcement action.

§ 60-20. Parking prohibited on public roads, streets, right-of-ways or other improved road surfaces when snow exceeds three inches

A. No parking on any street when snow covered. Parking on any street, road, alley or other improved road surface used by motorized vehicles and maintained by the Township shall be prohibited when snowfall is in excess of three inches, as measured on the municipal parking lot and posted on the Township’s official website, or that sufficient ice or slippery conditions have developed so as to create driving and walking hazards. Vehicles found to be parked on said roadways shall be ticketed.

B. Violations and penalties. Unless otherwise in another section of this chapter or Title 39 of the New Jersey Statutes, any person who violates any provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction therefore, be subject to a fine of $50 for the first offense; $100 for the second offense; and $250 for the third and any subsequent offense.

C. Approved off-street parking. Off-street parking shall be permitted during such weather events in the following parking areas: Mansfield Community Park, Country Walk recreation area parking lot, Georgetown Park in the Mapleton Development.

D. Approved lawn parking. Lawn parking will be permitted for 48 hours following the conclusion of the storm event creating a minimum of three inches of accumulated snowfall. All vehicles must be removed from any lawn area at the conclusion of the 48 hours’ period or be subject to the same fines and penalties referred in this chapter.

E. Fire hydrant accessibility. Fire hydrants located on private property, or rights-of-way shall be kept clear of snow, ice and debris by the property owner. Hydrants located on public property shall be kept clear by the Township Fire Marshal, who shall be responsible for the enforcement of this provision.

The complete online codebook is available HERE.