Mansfield Police Department

Warning About Door-To-Door Solicitations – 4/17/14

In the past week, we have noted a sudden increase in complaints regarding door-to-door solicitors approaching homes throughout the township. The individuals were offering residents a myriad of products and services, from window and siding installation, to magazine subscriptions, to aerial photographs of the property. This type of activity is prohibited by Chapter 24 of the Township Code unless the individuals have made application to the Township Clerk’s Office, had a background investigation performed by police, and been granted a permit by the Township. Residents are urged to be wary of anyone peddling products or services door-to-door, unless they have a permit. Residents are asked to contact police by calling 609-723-8300 to report any solicitors so an officer can respond to the area and direct the subject(s) that a permit is required. No matter how smooth talking an individual may seem, not everyone has your best interest in mind and nefarious motives may exist.